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“A good restoration is one you can’t see.”

Old frames can be worth a great deal of money. Housing an artwork in a frame of a similar historic period and design is very important for an increasing number of Galleries and Collectors.

International frame auctions are held regularly overseas and the prices of historic frames can reach up to $250,000.00. Discerning collectors know that their art can be enhanced by retaining and restoring, instead of replacing, period frames. Gallery 360 have kept pace with this trend by creating a dedicated restoration department that provides work of the highest standard.

Since 1994, Gallery 360’s team of restorers have restored hundreds of gilded, period picture frames and other gilded art objects for galleries, dealers, artists, museums, historic properties, churches, colleges, universities and many private collectors and art restorers throughout the country.

Frames with broken corners, missing ornaments, cracks, chips and damaged finishes can be repaired by the skilled crafts people at Gallery 360. Gilded corner frames have a layer of gesso over the mitre joint. They are then surfaced with gold or silver leafing or paint, for a seamless continuing design. Hard wood frames are either made with mortise and tenon joints or are finely sanded on the corners to create an invisible seam. Since these products are custom made to your exact specifications, delivery time is usually 3- 4 weeks, so we ask you to plan ahead. Come in to see our samples and discuss your options with our design team and craftspeople.

Did you recently purchase or inherit an old painting in a period frame that has seen better days? Gallery 360 can stabilise the frame, make the necessary repairs to the ornamentation and the finish, and reinstall the art. There is no need to hide the family portraits in a closet because the frames are damaged. Almost anything can be restored.

It is well worth contacting us to discuss restoring your frame. If you are unable to bring the frame to us initially and can provide good, detailed photographs of the piece, we can provide quick estimates for the restoration. We can work with digital photos sent via email or in hard copy.

Whether you are an individual, business, museum or art restorer, think of Gallery 360 as your personal restoration department. Let us discuss your next restoration project and show you what we can do to bring your frames back to their original condition.