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Up to 1.5 meters wide by any length

Laminating is the bonding of a thin transparent protection film to any visual material. This offers the laminated object excellent protection and helps preserve your posters, photographs, certificates, maps and other cherished items.

Gallery 360 is synonymous for professional lamination of inkjet and digital prints, photographs, documents, maps, posters, vinyl and display material. We use high quality protection films containing UV inhibitors to provide optimum clarity and long lasting protection for our client’s images and documents.

We offer the ability to laminate up to 1.5 metres wide by almost any length. Wide format laminating is a highly skilled job best left to specialists. Image Finish has been working with wide format laminators for over thirty years and are recognised as the specialists in wide format laminating.

Gallery 360 also specialise in laminating self- adhesive vinyl for the large format print industry. Our team is trusted by many of Australia’s top professionals and businesses to protect their items.

Gallery 360 does not just provide “one laminate suits all” solutions. We identify our clients’ requirements and determine the correct laminate to match. A fine art photograph may require a polyester laminate, while a poster intended for short term use may require a short term PVC laminate.

Outdoor, anti-graffiti, anti-gouge, super hi-gloss, window, floor and whiteboard laminate options are all available at Gallery 360.

All the following laminates at Image Finish are available in different grades according to their uses:

matt laminate

A non-reflective matt finish. matt laminate is more suitable for documents containing text which needs to be highly legible; such as architectural drawings, medical posters and trade show images where spotlights will flare up poster surfaces. Our matt laminates contain UV inhibitors to protect the image. Matt laminate is available in three options according to the item being laminated.

gloss laminate

A reflective finish more suitable for photographic images. Gloss brings out exceptional qualities to what may be a rather ordinary image. Graphic designers choose this to bring a third dimension to their prints. Photographers love the finish for retaining the photographic integrity of photographic media. Gloss laminate is available in four options according to the item being laminated. These laminates contain UV inhibitors for maximum protection.

super high gloss laminate

A highly reflective surface, suited best to photographic images mounted to a very flat, smooth substrate such as aluminium, to avoid the orange peel’ effect caused by small indentations in the substrate being noticed in the reflection of the laminate. A highly specialised form of laminating, sort after by photographers around Australia.

whiteboard laminate

Especially formulated to allow the use of white board markers on the front of the laminated image, then able to be wiped off after use. A popular option for laminated maps and plans.

window laminate

A quality laminate designed to allow an image to be adhered to a shop window for a period of time, before being easily removed when the image or poster is no longer required.

outdoor laminate

Enables paper posters to be displayed for a period of time outdoors. Very popular option to protect vinyl posters, signs and banners that are to be displayed outdoors.

sandtex scratch resistant

Non-gloss finish with a slight texture designed for the hardest wearing areas, ideal for floor graphics, areas where foot traffic has constant  contact with the display material, such as walkways in shopping centres.