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Applique, Banners, Batik, Crewelwork, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Cutwork, Embroidery, Felt, Flags,  Football Jerseys, Garments, Lace, Needlepoint, Parchment, Persian Rugs, Scarves, Tapa Cloth, Tapestry, Textile fabrics and
Needlework are among the beautiful and intricate works that any framer will see.
Well maybe not the footy jumpers, unless you are an avid supporter!


Hermes Silk Scarf                                    Bobbin Lace work                   Beaded Embroidery

 The skill, creativity and effort put into creating needlework, embroidery, tapestries, rugs, scarves, etc is a great source of amazement to us. As preservation framers, Gallery 360 will assess the type and nature of the textile or needlework and discuss with our client any issues that we see. Then we will design and create a frame or display for the work, using materials compatible with the textile.

Any textiles made from wool, silk or other animal products require a different frame environment to fabrics produced from linen or cotton. Many framers are not aware of this difference, but the knowlegable team at Gallery 360 will provide the correct advice to preserve your textile work, while giving it great visual design appeal.


Australian Federation Flag 1906                                                                                Woollen Floor rug

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