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Acrylic Face Mounting Services

Not all acrylic mounting is the same. At Gallery 360, we use a superior method when acrylic mounting your print to create a modern, durable and stylish look. We are the exclusive Australian producer of the internationally recognised acrylic face mounting process, Diasec®.

Showcase your art by following our simple three step process;

  1. Contact Gallery 360. Call us on (08) 9381 6577 or email [email protected] to receive a price on acrylic face mounted prints and shipping.
  2. Upload an image file. Send us your image file or upload it to the link below for us to print and process at the size you are after.
  3. Complete. Your job will be completed within 5 days and shipped to your nominated shipping address.


The globally registered trademark Diasec® stands for a special process in creating a durable bond between a print or transparency and high-quality acrylic glass – without smears or blisters – a process known as ‘acrylic face mounting’. This unique seal gives you an exclusive high-end product for your prints, which also provides protection against UV light, weather conditions and chemical impurities in the air.

Diasec® acrylic face mounting is the preferred mounting method for many of the world’s top fine art photographers and galleries. This unique and very contemporary process to acrylic face mount photos and prints is available for Gallery 360 clients.

Photos and digital prints up to 2 metres x 3 metres can be acrylic face mounted to high exhibition standards without borders, eliminating the need for a traditional picture frame.

The patented Diasec® process was developed in Switzerland in the late 1960s. Only authorised license holders are able to provide this service, and Gallery 360 is an exclusive Australian producer.

The select ingredients for Diasec® are unique. Combined with the light penetration and refraction of our special brand of clear acrylic, they produce higher image definition, brilliant colour and a fine detailed texture that is made more evident to the viewer. This superior clarity cannot be achieved with ordinary glazing or alternate acrylic mounting methods.

Diasec® panels are backed with aluminium, reinforcing the rigidity of the finished picture and provide a beautiful profile when viewed from the side. The back plate also enables the attachment of our custom made, fully rivetted aluminium sub-frames that allow the artwork to hang on the wall, from where it will appear to “float” with no obvious means of support.


Diasec® is neutral curing and has an in-built ultra violet filter. It contains no plasticisers and is resistant to fungicidal, bacterial agents and airborne pollutants. After curing, the whole airtight panel remains chemically inert and stable. Therefore, the image will remain in pristine viewing condition. The finished product remains flexible too, enabling it to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, which commonly affect works on paper.

Samples that were produced in the early 1970s are still maintaining well. There is no colour shift, the whites are still pure and there is no evidence of acid erosion visible.



Diasec® was developed to acrylic face mount photos, and photographic paper is ideal for the process. Fujiflex, metallic photos, photo rag, cibachrome and all other photo papers are suitable.


Digital images are suited to Diasec®. There is no need to use a gloss paper as the Diasec® process produces a fabulous gloss appearance even with matte papers.


Diasec® creates brilliant results with inkjet images. Some inkjet images require pre-treating prior to Diasec® mounting. We do NOT use any heat during this process, as this can affect the image colours.


Diasec® is a fantastic process for creating light box prints. Duratrans images are mounted and ready for placement in a lightbox for stunning acrylic face mounted prints.


Gallery 360 ship finished acrylic face mounted prints throughout Australia and internationally. All you have to do is send us the digital image, photo or your own print and we will do the rest. If you’re sending your own print, please contact us first to ensure it is a suitable media for acrylic face mounting.
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Depending on the finished look you require, both high gloss and matte finishes are available for acrylic face mounted prints.


Gallery 360 understands the budgets of media students. As part of our efforts to encourage students, we offer a student discount to those in the fields of media, photography and related fields. Student ID is required.

Contact Gallery 360 for exclusive acrylic face mounted prints with unmatched results. Alternatively, visit our Subiaco gallery to view our range of stunning acrylic face mounted prints!