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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my artwork or frame?

Yes, in most cases, visit our Restoration section and click on one of the headings to learn more about this.

Can Gallery 360 hang my framed artwork?

Gallery 360 has over 25 years experience in installation of artworks, objects and mirrors. We can advise you on the best placement of the items, then hang them to their best advantage. If you rent or do not want holes in your walls, Gallery 360 installation team can install a gallery hanging track on a single wall, or throughout your home or workplace to enable you to move your artworks or frames as you wish without unsightly holes left behind. Contact our team for an appointment.

What is your production time? What if I need the frames in a hurry?

We send all orders within 5 – 7 working days. If you have an urgent requirement, we have a priority service available at an extra charge, but please contact us before ordering. If for any reason, our times cannot be honoured, you will be kept informed.

Do you deliver on weekends?

We do not offer a weekend delivery service due to the cost.

I have ordered the wrong size, what do I do?

Call our customer service department as quickly as possible on 08 9381 6577 to explain your situation and we will seek to amend the order.

If I am bringing my print to be mounted, do I need to trim my prints in advance?

No. The extra space is utilized in the mounting process, and it assists us with proper handling. In addition, if you intend to include white border around your image or if your image fades off into unwanted white space, we highly recommend you include crop marks to avoid additional charges.

Do you use a cold or wet mount process?

We always use a dry mount adhesive and mounting process. Our adhesives and films are pressure sensitive, so neither heat nor wet glues are ever necessary.