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Jack Willems

Born in 1954 in Geleen in the Netherlands.

Jack Willems is connected to Delicious Art, a center for the arts ( Here he paints with other enthusiastic painters. Today Jack works mainly in his own studio.

Jack Willems started with watercolors but soon he preferred to use acrylic and drawing materials such as pencil, Indian ink and pastel.

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In Jack Willems work he lets himself be inspired mainly by the human figure.

The expression of the face and body are very important to him. The works are figurative.

Jack usually paints female models. Jack’s own interpretation is reflected in the composition, use of color and brushwork.

The beauty of women is leading in his repertoire. Women with an intense look or a serene glance in a slightly erotic setting are the inspiration for his work.

A part of Jack’s work consists of Japanese girls in kimono (Bishoujo`s). Jack paints in acrylic In addition,he usesalldrawing materials.


September 2007       Van Abbe museum,Eindhoven (´t vierkanteei)

March 2008               Terpkerkje, Urmond (AlphonsWintersprijs)

December 2008        Gouvernementsgebouw, Maastricht (AlphonsWintersprijs)

June 2009                 Choc art final exhibition, Sittard

September 2009       Terpkerkje,Urmond (Laureates exhibition)

November 2009        Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard

November 2012        Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard (2nd solo exhibition)

November 2012        Gouvernementsgebouw, Maastricht (AlphonsWintersprijs)

August 2013              Gallery360, Australia

January 2014            Courthouse, Maastricht

March 2015               Art Delicious final exhibition, Sittard

October 2015            Galerie Norbert Dabekaussen, Sittard (3rd solo exhibition)

4 Items

4 Items