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Cher Van Schouwen

“Born with an instinctive sense for beauty, Cher combines her natural flare for design with carefully chosen classic subject. Her articulate brushstroke & excellent use of colour – only ever a combination of primary colours (red, blue & yellow) with fundamental black & white… The motion & depth that she achieves is remarkable.

Cher’s paintings are complete. Often a poem comes to mind while she works, which is charcoaled onto the back of the canvas. With thoughts loosely written with the brush flipped over, across the painting…only some can decipher… and then the final “flick-a-compli” of colour, bringing final balance and a delightful celebration to each work” – International Art Buyer/Collector, J. Sykes

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‘Owners of Cher’s work say they love the energy, vibrancy and the explosion of life that her paintings communicate.” – Fair Lady Magazine, South Africa

“One’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes, and there is no other reason for painting but that.”

– A. Wyeth


SEPTEMBER 2014 ‘Printemps’  –  Gallery 360
This Spring Collection captures the fresh language of flowers, bubbles, technique & movement..…Spring is the time of rebirth & inspiration – let’s begin.

“As a South African native happily transplanted in Perth, Australia, I have always had a real appreciation for the beginning of Spring. I love the sweet smell in the air, the sounds of the birds, and the hints of warm summer to come. It is indeed a time of rebirth & new beginnings. I hope there is at least one painting here tonight that will bring inspiration to you this Spring.”

April 2014  VASSE ART AWARDS   The Vasse Art Award, the biggest art exhibition in the South West, is now in its tenth year showcasing a diverse collection including paintings, photography, sculptures, textiles, and 3D installations.  All the money raised from this exhibition benefits the students at Vasse Independent Primary School by purchasing much needed equipment to enhance the educational opportunities for over 600 pupils.  Bussleton

December 2013 Artexpo Miami Cher has been invited to participate in this years in Spectrum Miami (formerly Artexpo Miami), which will run from 4 to 8 December 2013 in Miami during the Art Basel. This is going to be one of the most interesting shows in the whole Art Miami event this year.

JULY 2013 WINTER SALON EXHIBITION. An exhibition featuring work from over 22 local artists, both established and emerging, hung in the European salon Style. The Long Gallery, 121 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth

June 2013 LONDON PARALLAX ART FAIR seventh edition of Parallax ‘Art’ Fair, which takes place at the magnificent Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, on Friday 31st May & 1-2 June

April 2013 Volume VII of “International Contemporary Masters Cher will be published in the latest World Wide Art Book, established in 1997 and has to date published and represented over 8,000 artists from all over the world.

August 2012 Celebrate Women & Creativity. Glyde Street, PerthThree artistic women. Three creative passions. One way to change a life. Fashion designer Fenella Peacock, artist Cher Van Shouwen + Trader of Beautiful Things Elaine MacLeod of Behind the Monkey invite you to a celebration of women, creativity and empowerment.

Raising funds and awareness

December 2011   Group Exhibition in Sydney. Gallery 41, 41 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo

November 2011 Solo Exhibition ‘SPONTANEOUS BY NATURE’ at the magnificent Clouds Estate, Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

November 2011   Cher will donate a painting and attend the ‘Amy Biehl Gold of Africa Annual Gala’ in Cape Town, South Africa. Helping the foundation in its mission to ‘Weave a Barrier Against Violence’.

October 2011   Cher accepted the invitation to exhibit as the Feature Artist at the St Mark’s Anglican Community School Art Exhibition, Hilary’s Perth.

September 2011   Cher presented a brand new collection in Sydney. Details to follow

July 2011 will be joining upcoming artists in WA, in their annual ‘WA Visual Art Expo’, alongside new friend and fellow artist, Leanne Pearson.

May 2011 Exhibition opening with Sebastian Alexander – ‘Winter Collection’ – Jolimont, Perth

April 2011   Exhibition with International Glass Artist Philomena Designs ‘LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE’ at Houghton’s Winery & Gallery, Perth.

February 2011   Cher donated a painting which was auctioned in aid of Damien Mander an Australian with an amazing team for the International Anti-Poaching Foundation in Zimbabwe.

August 2010   Invited to exhibit at the launch of La Vie Interiors, Studio & Showroom, Applecross, Perth.

June 2010   Two of Cher’s paintings are chosen to be on exhibition in Texas, USA.

November 2009 to January 2010   Solo Exhibition “Art with Vision – Hope, Light, Love” at the magnificent Oceana Reserve, South Africa, Raising funds for local charity Ithemba Trust, which exists to inspire, renew & release hope in children’s lives within the context of a truly life-giving community experience.

2009   Cher donated a painting towards the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa, and raised over R150 000.- for overall development of schools in South Africa.

2008   Cher and family move permanently to Perth, Australia.

January 2006 to January 2008 Cher put her PR skills to good use, and was invited to organise & curate the exhibition ‘Blue Dream’. Opening Gala Exhibitions at four of South Africa’s most prominent Galleries for International Belgian Artist Juan Kiti.

August 2005 Exhibition “Eastern Cape Artists Exhibit’ at The Square Gallery, Port Alfred, South Africa.

Article in Style Magazine to follow

June 2005 Solo exhibition ‘Solo’ at Redditz during the Annual Grahamstown Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa.

July 2004   Cher was interviewed and appeared on ‘Arts & Entertainment’ on TV magazine show Top Billing

June 2004 Exhibition ‘Life’ with Patrice Moretti at the Grahamstown Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa.

2004   International Viewing in Australia, Perth

2004   ‘A Summer Exhibition’ with artists Tori Stowe, Rodger Gailey, Patrice Moretti and Zach Taljaard. Halyards Hotel, Port Alfred, South Africa

2003   Exhibition with Greg Schultz ‘Celocanth Opening’, East London, South Africa.

2003   Cher included in the prestigious BRETT KEBBLE AWARDS, Cape Town, South Africa

2003   Exhibition ‘Celebrating Woman’, Woman’s Day, Butlers, Port Alfred, South Africa

Cher was nominated FAIR LADY’S ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2002

2002   Art Exhibition in Greensboro, Vermont, USA

September 2002   Cher invited to exhibit at the prestigious Nederburg Wine & Art Auction, Paarl, South Africa

2002   Peacanwood Golf Course presents an exhibition ‘Cher’, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2002   Exhibition at ‘Gallery #10’, Hermanus, South Africa

2001   Exhibition ‘Village Art’, Stanford, South Africa

2001   Exhibition ‘Enjoy the Experience’ , Lloyd’s of London, United Kingdom.

2000   Cher was invited to the UK to exhibit in a solo exhibition for company Hestia Volos in Wimbledon, United Kingdom.

2000   Exhibition at The Cape Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

2000   Exhibition at The Tug Gallery, Windhoek, Namibia.

2000   Exhibition “A Festival of Art’, Stanford, South Africa.

2000   Exhibition with Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

2000   Exhibition ‘An Evening of Art’, Tulbugh, South Africa.

2000   Exhibition ‘Touched on Skin’ with Hugo Marais, Hermanus, South Africa.

1999   Exhibition at The Fisherman’s Gallery, Hermanus, South Africa.

1993   Exhibition “South African Art’, Hong Kong.

1993   Graduation Exhibition ‘PJ Olivier School of Art presents’, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Studied for three years under International Artist Vernon Swart


Commissioned Work

2013 Family portrait, Willemse Family, Adelaide Australia

2013 Family portrait, Evans Family, Perth Australia

2012 Country Living, Perth Australia

2012 Marilyn, Private, Perth, Australia

2011 Procida Italy, Dean & Emma Healy, Perth

2011 Baba Gumede, portrait, Three Tree Tops, Spieonkop, SA

2011 Tuscan Bicycle, Egerton-Vernon, UK

2011 Flower Delivery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2011 Africa, Private, Perth, Australia

2011 Our Men of Honour, Private, Perth, Australia

2010 Floral, Private, Perth, Australia.

2010 Morrison Children, Sue Mellor, Durban, South Africa.

2009 Ethne Gray, Paterson-Brown, Geneva, Switzerland.

2008 Family Portrait, Paterson-Brown, Geneva, Switzerland.

2007 Wedding Portrait, Paterson-Brown, Geneva, Switzerland.

2007 Sunset Fishing, Rip Miller, Texas, USA.

2007 Beautiful Africa, Rip Miller, Texas, USA.

2007 Purple Elegance, Robert Vincke, De Panne, Belgium.

2006 McKeown’s, Margie McKeown, Natal, South Africa.

2006 Sam Banner, Banner Family, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2006 Golden Anniversary, Robert Vincke, De Panne, Belgium.

2006 Family x 2, Perth, Australia

2005 Pomegranates, Jake Knight, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2005 Ella Bluebell, Rene Schonbourne, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2005 Daniel & Patrick, Helen Knight, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2004 Christening, Dr Pryce, Port Alfred, South Africa.

2004 Beautiful Lisa, friends commission, Port Alfred, South Africa.

2004 Golden Anniversary, Kate Bosazza, Cintsa, South Africa.

2004 Daddy’s Golden Girls, Derek & Anitha Victor, Port Alfred, South Africa.

2004 Joshua & Lauren Colitz, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

2004 Apple/Champagne, van der Linden, Amsterdam, Holland.

2003 Family Favourite, Dr de Vos, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2003 M.Ali, Private, East London, United Kingdom.

2003 Nude/Celebrating 40, Private, East Lon

8 Items

8 Items